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The History of Eagle Burial Vaults


Our industry demands excellence.
Eagle has been providing it for over 75 years.

Since our beginning in 1928, Eagle has been a quality leader in the burial vault and funeral service industries.

hstvault2.pngIn 1932, we patented the Eagle Triplex, the original triple walled burial vault. Constructed of two layers of reinforced concrete, surrounding our exclusive Seal-Core Membrane  asphalt middle wall, the Triplex continues to provide exceptional protection and strength today.Eagle introduced the Sovereign Burial Vault in 1968, merging an impact resistant fiberglass lining with the strength and weight of concrete.

Tongue-in-groove seal.The Eagle Sentinel Vault line was created in 1980. Each Sentinel is constructed of a seamless polystyrene inner liner, bonded to high strength concrete, and utilize a unique high arched lid unequaled in modern vault design.

Three layers of strenght and durability.Then, in 1995, Eagle introduced the ultimate in value, construction and timeless beauty. The Eagle Corinthian's innovative granite and martite liners envelope the entire vault, inside and out, and are filled with reinforced concrete for three layers of uniform coverage. The Corinthian features columnar corners, a monument lid and finishes that richly simulate gray granite, black marble and white marble.

For over 75 years, we have been changing the standards by which other vaults are compared. And with over 150 manufacturers and distributors throughout North America, Eagle offers you the selection and professionalism that makes us a leader now and into the future. 


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