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The Interment Process
The following steps are typically taken in the process of burial vault installation and sealing.
Step 1
  • The grave is opened with the help of a back hoe.
  • Some dirt is set aside for closing the grave and the rest is removed.
  • The Eagle Sentinel Burial Vault is delivered and set next to the grave.
Step 2
  • The burial vault lid is suspended on the side and the casket lowering device is set in place.
  • The tent and chairs are set up for the service.
Step 3
  • The casket is set on the casket lowering device.
Step 4
  • Final preparations are made for the committal service.
Step 5
  • Once the committal service is completed, the casket is lowered completely into the burial vault base and the casket lowering device is removed.
Step 6
  • The burial vault is then raised back up so the burial vault base and cover can be sealed into a single unit, using a butyl rubber sealing compound.
Step 7
  • The sealed vault is lowered completely and the grave is filled with dirt and compacted with an industrial tamper or compactor.
  • Finally, the grave is covered with sod or seeded.