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Outer Burial Containers
Outer Burial Containers offer the most basic and affordable level of grave protection. These vaults provide a single protective layer of high-strength reinforced concrete.
The Guardian Deluxe

Tongue-in-groove seal.

  • Combines the toughness of steel and the massive strength of reinforced concrete.
  • Tongue-in-groove seal bond the cover to the base to form a single integral unit.
  • Arched cover constructed to resist stress and support heavy weight.
  • Choice of beautiful finishes to harmonize with any casket color.
  • Personalized name plaque and choice of religeous or fraternal insignia.
The Eagle Triplex Deluxe

Reinforced precast concrete construction.

  • Far stronger and more durable than required to sustain earth weight and stress.
  • Reinforced precast concrete construction.
  • Arched cover for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • No seal.