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Eagle Offers a Variety of Burial Vaults
Every burial vault Eagle creates is built to withstand whatever time and nature can deliver. We offer a variety of styles to fit your unique taste and budget.

The Corinthian Burial Vault Line - Three Layers
Three layers of strength and durability.

The Corinthian line completely surrounds the vault with Martite and Grantite shells to capture the beauty, richness and feel of polished granite and marble. The vault is made of over one ton of high-strength reinforced concrete, for warranted strength and durability, and adds the polystyrene shell, both inside and out for three layers of protection. Plus, refined classic styling at a very affordable price.

The Sentinel Burial Vault Line - Two Layers
16 oz. polished copper.

Eagle's Sentinel Line of burial vaults offers unmatched quality and protection. The vault is made of over a ton of reinforced concrete bonded to our standard duratite liner, providing exceptional warranted protection and elegant styling.

The Triplex Burial Vault Collection - Three Layers
Seamless polystyrene inner-liner.

Eagle's Triplex Line offer triple-walled construction, consisting of outer and inner walls of high-strength reinforced concrete, bonded to Eagle's exclusive Seal Core Waterproofing Membrane middle wall to form a highly-effective water-resistant barrier.

The Valor Burial Vault Collection
Blue and silver.

Eagle is proud of those who have served our country. So to honor their memory, we designed the Valor Collection of handsome vaults offered in traditional military colors with valor trim.

Outer Burial Containers - Single Layer
Toung-ingroove seal.

Outer Burial Containers use the strength of reinforced concrete to provide the most economical solution for an in-ground burial.

Guardian Angel Infant Casket/Vaults
Polyurethane composite.

Our new Guardian Angel Classic Series is a casket/vault combination for infants and toddlers. Our Marbleon poured synthetic marble and tongue-in-groove lid seal provided unmatched protection for your little angel, at an affordable price. We're so confident that it's backed by a 50 year limited warranty.

Burial Urns & Urn Vaults
Duratite or martite inner-liner bonded to high-strenght concrete outer shell.

Eagle also offers a variety of burial urns and urn vaults.